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Hanks on TV: ‘Z: The Beginning of Everything’ makes for perfect summer viewing

Amazon Prime’s “Z: The Beginning of Everything” may have been released earlier this year, but makes for a good summer replacement TV series while we wait for the new fall season.

The show – like an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel read on the beach – works as its own story of romance and drama set against the backdrop of 1920s America.

Christina Ricci stars in and produces this series, which tells the story of Fitzgerald’s marriage to his wife Zelda, from Zelda’s perspective.

Zelda herself was quite creative and talented, and in the show accuses Scott of going as far as stealing her ideas for his second novel.

The early parts of their whirlwind romance – a significant portion of which takes place on a beach working vacation – are told in the first 10 episode season, and will thankfully return for a second to tell more of their story.

I was able to sit down with show creators Nicole Yorkin and Dawn Prestwich earlier this year at SCAD’s atvFest, who told me of the vast amounts of research, including the many biographies written on the couple, that went into getting it historically accurate.

“We really couldn’t believe that anyone was gonna make this show, it was a strong female character and it was a series based on a real person – how often is that done?” said Prestwich.

“They’re like the Kurt and Courtney of the 20s,” said Yorkin of the Fitzgeralds.

“[Fame] made them and destroyed them,” Prestwich added, noting that “the seeds of their destruction are there” in the first season.

Unfortunately, the show was a bit under the radar and wasn’t nominated for the major Emmy awards this year, but here’s hoping it will get its due in season two.

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