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It’s a #WrestlePals Summer Slam Party

It’s a #WrestlePals Summer Slam Party

Biggest party of the summer indeed, it’s time for Summer Slam. At last years show, I remember feeling underwhelmed with the SmackDown Live half of the show and really fired up for the Raw half. This year seems to be closer to 50/50. I still haven’t been watching Raw but, as with most months, I have faith that the matches will exceed expectations. Let’s not waste any time and hop on in.

Here we go. I saw the photo. Like…even if it IS him, can’t he just go to watch? It’s a big event.

I did not see Tozawa winning on Raw happening at all. I have to think he retains here and we get more going on for Titus Worldwide.

They’re lucky that they’re The Hardys and people care enough for them to be sped into something else that at least sort of makes sense after The Revival got hurt. I’m not in love with the match either but at least all involved have a match.

I am shocked to find that this is pre-show. This rivalry has been intense with both teams delivering unbelievable mic work and flat out stealing the show at Battleground. This will be a classic match….if there is time for them to have one.

Technically, I agree but if you have watched any of Raw or SmackDown over the last few months, you would have seen this coming. There has been a LOT of screen time devoted to Big Cass. While Becky and Charlotte have been present, neither have necessarily been in a feud. Plus Ric being in the hospital. The match will be fine, I’m sure. Curious as to what The Club will have to do with the outcome and how/what Enzo will do from the shark cage.

I’m sticking to my original thoughts on this. If Nattie wins, Carmella cashes in. if Naomi retains, she doesn’t. Just a feeling, I can’t even figure my own logic on it.

This one is hard to believe it’s on the card and not pre-show. Not because the four men aren’t draws but because it just got made on Monday and is randomly a title match. They’ve been telling the story of the men feuding, I understand the match happening, it’s just POOF title shot.

I actually read an article stating that it was ridiculous that Balor doesn’t always wrestle as The Demon. That’s just stupid. Bray dumping paint on him to make him get there may be dumb but at least it gave motivation for it. I think this is an important match for Bray. He’s had plenty of REALLY good and sometimes even great matches but I’m not sure he’s ever stolen the show….been THE match that everyone is talking about and that might explain a lot of where he is and why he’s viewed the way he is. For the first time, with The Demon at his opposite, I really think we could be looking at the match of the night. Big, theatrical entrances, a decent story, two contrasting styles that will mesh really well together, and two talents that are hungry for more.

I doubt it will be decimation. My heart says Rusev and he begins to climb up the card, but I’m worried that they’re trying to get Orton something back after a summer of losing to Mahal. But…he’s Randy Orton. Plus…the Singh Brothers. I expect this one to be good and while it won’t steal the show it will over deliver.

I can actually see this happening and becoming the fuel for Bayley’s rise back from injury. Seems like it may even be the reason for her injury. This will be a great match and I hope that they really use the personal dislike for each other to elevate this seemingly last minute matchup.

Rumors have Cena moving over to Raw following Summer Slam. If this is the case, I would HOPE that Cena would take the loss so Corbin can get a little bit of what he lost from the briefcase debacle back.  Will that happen? I dunno. They could be sending Corbin on a losing streak that he will need to overcome. Could get violent.

This is why the Styles/Owens/McMahon thing is one of my favorites. We have already seen these two deliver solid matches with weird endings so I expect the match to be high quality. Where it really ramps up is Shane’s involvement in the finish. My gut says he plays it down the middle, AJ wins, but Owens still perceives it as him being screwed to move them into a full blown feud.

Why’d we elevate Jinder and have him beat Orton all summer if we are just going to stop him dead a few months later. On the other side, why are we elevating Shinsuke to the championship if he’s just going to lose his first big match? I’m sure I am reading far too much into this but it feels like a lose-lose. Curious to see what kind of match these two have as they are worlds apart in styles. Postives to focus on: neither man has wrestled at SummerSlam before and here they are for the WWE title. No cash-in to worry about. Nakamura has show stealing ability…but I just can’t see him getting enough out of Mahal to do so.

Have to give Raw credit, I could make a case for any of the four men to win. It feels like Strowman is the low odds, followed by Joe, Roman, and Brock retaining. I will be actively hoping for Joe, after the Great Balls of Fire match.

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