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The #WrestlePals Are Money in the Bank

The #WrestlePals Are Money in the Bank

And along comes the Money in the Bank pay per view. One would think that the two weeks since Raw’s PPV would make this feel like it’s too soon but if I’m being honest, it’s not quite soon enough. I know I’ve been riding high on SDLive’s programming but they’ve given me no reason to think that they’ll disappoint.  Let’s hop in and see what’s shaking, shall we?

Ok. I feel like I’ve seen this with lots of guys, lots of times. Not saying they won’t, just I’ll wait and see. I like to be surprised anyway.

I’m interested to see what happens with Hype Bros. The tag division is soaring and we have Ascension and American Alpha who aren’t even on television right now. Mojo has been on FIRE. Becoming more and more of a must watch. Still has room to improve in the ring but he’s doing great. I feel a monkey wrench coming but who goes which way? Mojo is super likable and I could see Ryder playing a jealous type angle. Is that TOO predictable? Maybe but I can see it.

I honestly feel like the only way Lana wins here is if it’s after the Women’s MITB match and whomever wins cashes in on her. Seems likely that Lana over delivers and she and Naomi have a solid match somewhere early in the card.

Will their Day One be H or will it be The New Day who’s Day One is H? Some absolutely TREMENDOUS mic work coming from The Usos leading up to this. New Day have held their end of the bargain for sure but they are definitely following The Usos lead. These two teams have had some barn burners in the past in reversed roles. Looking forward to seeing this with Usos as the bad guys and New Day trying to come back.

I’m having a hard time staying with a favorite here. To me it seems that Charlotte can better benefit the division away from the title, but I think she would be the best with the briefcase. Nattie hasn’t had a chance to feud for the title and she never finished her feud with Naomi way back at the brand split. I could definitely see her taking it. I think Carmella is my favorite. She can be sneaky, she can hold onto it for a while, and it can elevate her to the next level finally.

Plus this ^^^

So if I was a betting man (maybe more importantly, one who would bet on pro wrestling), I’d probably bet on Baron Corbin to get the win but television has definitely done a great job of throwing the winner off. At first it seemed Ziggler was the shoe in, Corbin took a ride for a week or two, and most recently Sami Zayn has proved like maybe he could win it. I genuinely don’t know but right now I love the idea of Zayn winning and constantly overthinking his cash in. That would be fun.

Fair enough question. I don’t think so though. Jinder is getting a lot of boos. There is no chance at people not booing him in St. Louis and Orton certainly doesn’t need the championship. Count on him cheating and more than likely retaining in a shady manner. Only two questions on the other side: where does Orton go from here AND…

I mean Rusev did say he would be at MITB, so this isn’t out of the question. Could we see him lay out Orton and give Randy something to do for a few months? Do we see him lay out Jinder and become a good guy in the process? Does he just lay them both out? Can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

So we may see something pop up but man, SDLive tends to keep the matches light and tight. I am certainly fine if they leave it as is and maybe kick us a surprise or two. I am psyched and can’t WAIT!

#WrestlePals airs Tuesday nights at NOON only on our station, Radio Free Radio.

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