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Weekly Wrasslin Wrankings September 9 – September 15

Weekly Wrasslin Wrankings September 9 – September 15

Wrankings are comin at you hard and fast. These wrankings will blow your mind off.

  1. MAXIMIZATION OF TELEVISION TIME – What did this person do with their minutes? Were they must see? Was it something exciting to witness?
  2. FOLLOW THROUGH – Did this person handle the mic and deliver as promised or fall flat on their face. Even if it’s poor booking, it’s still a strike against them.
  3. STRAIGHT UP ENJOYMENT – Some times this will be enough to get them on through.
  4. IN RING PERFORMANCE – Yeah sure you were great on the mic but did your match stink up the joint?

*We reserve the right to add/subtract or alter the criteria at any point.

This list will include ANY wrestling that one of us has watched that week which does include when Justin watched WCW Nitro on the Network. Included for this weeks list are: The Finals of the Mae Young Classic, Monday Night Raw, SmackDown Live, NXT, and night one of King of Trios.

Weekly Wrasslin Wrankings

September 9 – September 15

1. The Kevin Owens Show

For the second week in a row, Kevin Owens is the hottest thing in WWE. That’s a personal and humble opinion of course, BUT the entire episode of SmackDown Live was built around KO and the impending showdown with Mr. McMahon. It was outstanding and Owens was masterful in it. From firing Sami Zayn, to cancelling Fashion Files, he elevated the entire show and the entire SDLive roster with every segment and interaction. Well damn done.


2. Breezango Arrests Drew Gulak 

Hooray! Breezango returns to the Wrankings. This segment made me super happy for many reasons. 1) I love Drew Gulak’s campaign for a better 205Live. 2) Breezango’s music hitting and the place erupting. 3) “Book em Dango” Watch this and love.


3. Kairi Sane vs Shayna Baszler

I’ve seen some say that this match was a let down. I dunno. I was glued to my TV. The live crowd was hot for them. Both played their parts really well. I’m not sure what else we could ask for. Bonus nod to Toni Storm and her ridiculously awesome fur coat, Bayley for looking like she wanted to get in the ring, and WWE for NOT trying to advance the 4 Horsewomen angle in this moment.



4. Enzo Amore Appears on MizTV

Honestly, pairing Enzo with The Miz right now seems like such a no brainer after everything that’s happened on and away from TV.  Every time Miz goes into one of these rants, I worry that he’s going to the well too many times but each one has something a little different. He is finally reaching rarefied air as a top tier midcard act with the very real possibility of dipping back into main event status. For his part, Enzo did not back away and fired back some zingers of his own. Heated and blurred. Just the way I like it.


5. New Day vs The Usos 

If you need proof that title hot potato and the same people fighting often don’t HAVE to be a bad thing, please see these two teams. The New Day and The Usos have faced off more times than I care to count since the shake up and have traded the titles as a result of this, but I STILL want one more match from them. They continue to deliver and the Vegas Street Match was no different. Very ‘good guy’ thing for Xavier to hit the bench and stay in the back so it was two on two, even though he didn’t have to.  Gimme Hell in a Cell BAY-BEEEEEEEE.

6. Johnny Gargano

Johnny Wrestling is on the brink of doing some very special things in NXT, I feel. Bringing back some personality that’s been lacking on the show since arguably just before the brand split. Riddick Moss was not a great opponent and this match wasn’t amazing but watching Johnny sell shock, disappointment, bewilderment, and really just starting to question himself is worth it alone.



7. Bray Wyatt

I’ve been waiting for something like this from Bray for a long time. A little simpler meaning to the words he says and the actions that follow. He and Balor SHOULD be having the feud of a lifetime, maybe a more focused Wyatt brings out what’s missing. Loved him yelling at Goldust that he’s just like Finn while removing his face paint.




8. AJ Styles vs Tye Dillinger

I was so happy we got this match. With the way it had been promoted, with it being announced last week, and with Baron Corbin looming, I thought for sure Dillinger was getting laid out beforehand. Great showcase for Dillinger with the inarguable top hand on SDLive right now.



9. Pete Dunne

Pete Dunne is an asshole, sir. After delivering a solid match with Wolfgang, the Cole, Fish, and O’Reilly faction hit the ring. Throwing up his hands initially not wanting a fight, then fighting with them. This is where it gets great, Dunne retreats from the ring, leaving Wolfgang to get pummeled. Wait, there’s more. Dunne runs back to the ring, not help Wolfgang, but to retrieve his championship. Nice.



10. Roman Reigns vs Jason Jordan

Another week, another great spot for Jason Jordan. This is the damn near perfect way to use him. HUGE matches where his ability can be showcased in front of the maximum amount of eyes.




BUMMER: Only 10 Spots

Sure, 10 is self imposed but I can’t just go all willy nilly adding every one and every thing. Some weeks it’s a struggle to get 10 and this week I had to leave off a few.


Last Weeks List

  1. Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon Boils Over
  2. Abbey Laith
  3. Toni Storm (2)
  4. Hideo Itami vs Kassius Ohno
  5. Dolph Ziggler (2)
  6. Mia Yim vs Shayna Baszler
  7. Asuka
  8. John Cena vs Jason Jordan
  9. Lars Sullivan
  10. Dakota Kai vs Rhea Ripley

BUMMER: No Breezango

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