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Weekly Wrasslin Wrankings September 23 – September 29

Weekly Wrasslin Wrankings September 23 – September 29

Wrankings are our lives. I’m sure you knew that, though.

  1. MAXIMIZATION OF TELEVISION TIME – What did this person do with their minutes? Were they must see? Was it something exciting to witness?
  2. FOLLOW THROUGH – Did this person handle the mic and deliver as promised or fall flat on their face. Even if it’s poor booking, it’s still a strike against them.
  3. STRAIGHT UP ENJOYMENT – Some times this will be enough to get them on through.
  4. IN RING PERFORMANCE – Yeah sure you were great on the mic but did your match stink up the joint?

*We reserve the right to add/subtract or alter the criteria at any point.

This list will include ANY wrestling that one of us has watched that week which does include when Justin watched WCW Nitro on the Network. Included for this weeks list are:  Ring of Honor’s Death Before Dishonor, Monday Night Raw, SmackDown Live, Impact Wrestling, and NXT.

Weekly Wrasslin Wrankings

September 23 – September 29

1. Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn

Even in down weeks, there is still so much awesome stuff. This weeks SmackDown Live served us a few stories but the central one was, Kevin Owens is a freaking monster of a human being. Sami Zayn had heard enough and is standing up to him. That’s a good dude right there. Smart move playing off of the decade plus history of these two. Big spot for Sami as he looks good most of the match until Owens hits the “I’m Done With This” gear. Something to build off of for both men.

2. No Mercy No Mercy

I decided that instead of taking only a few of the matches out of the card, I’d take the whole PPV instead. It was hard trying to decide which matches to include and which ones to leave out. Sure there were down points but every card has them. No Mercy was a good show that I enjoyed and got me pumped for the fallout.

3. Kassius Ohno vs Fabian Aichner

This one just kind of snuck up on me. I had no idea Aichner was going to be appearing with NXT, as he’d last been seen in the Cruiserweight Classic a year ago. He and Ohno had really good chemistry between them and Kassius did amazing showcasing what Fabian can do. Looking forward to more from him.



4. Enzo Amore

You probably hate Enzo, I do to, and that’s OK. He’s had a hell of a week. Stealing a victory from Neville and his Cruiserweight Championship with it, being an A-Hole to the entire division during his celebration, and continuing the trend on 205 Live. It’s been some outstanding mic work and for once the cruisers were the main event on Raw and were the center of attention.

5. Kenny King vs Kushida

Death Before Dishonor was a good show. I enjoyed most of the matches and the NJPW style of stacking and elevating match after match. There were several matches on the card that I feel I could have included here but King vs Kushida is the one that stood out to me most. This was the bout that made me feel like I was watching Ring of Honor and it was a high caliber affair. Plenty of drama, action, and innovation.


6. Mickie James Confronts Alexa Bliss

Little Miss Bliss thought she had beaten the entire division but she was wrong. Mickie James came out and the two had a heated battle of words. Elevation of Mickie, separation of Alexa, very good segment.

7. Pride of Bulgaria Celebration

And I thought Rusev’s celebration of a cheap win over Orton last week was awesome. Holy crap. Aiden English was out for the introduction and to sing a song. It was declared Rusev Day. It made me so happy.

8. ZigglerTaker

Dolph’s running down of fans inability to look past glitz and glamour and flashy entrances has culminated in him coming out to the Undertaker’s entrance theme. He was confronted by Bobby Roode, predictably, but I’m excited to see what their match brings.

9. Bullet Club ‘Invades’ Raw

While it didn’t have the same feeling as when DX went to Nitro, it still caused quite a buzz and a question of what could happen, filled the air. Nice to have that again. WWE dropped the ball not letting them in, though.

10. Adam Cole vs Eric Young

This was a fun one. The Undisputed Era and SANiTy squaring off. It felt new and exciting and both guys looked great. Looking forward to more.

BUMMER: Impact Wrestling

I tried again. Eventually they’ll get there. Maybe

Last Weeks List

  1. Enzo Amore and Neville Face to Face
  2. Velveteen Dream Interrupts Aleister Black
  3. Randy Orton vs Aiden English
  4. Dustin Rhodes
  5. Charlotte vs Naomi vs Becky Lynch vs Tamina
  6. Lars Sullivan
  7. Drew Gulak
  8. Tye Dillinger
  9. Roman Reigns
  10. Curt Hawkins

BUMMER: No Breezango? Again?!

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