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Weekly Wrasslin Wrankings September 16 – September 22

Weekly Wrasslin Wrankings September 16 – September 22

Wrankings and all that jazz. Wrankings and away we go.

  1. MAXIMIZATION OF TELEVISION TIME – What did this person do with their minutes? Were they must see? Was it something exciting to witness?
  2. FOLLOW THROUGH – Did this person handle the mic and deliver as promised or fall flat on their face. Even if it’s poor booking, it’s still a strike against them.
  3. STRAIGHT UP ENJOYMENT – Some times this will be enough to get them on through.
  4. IN RING PERFORMANCE – Yeah sure you were great on the mic but did your match stink up the joint?

*We reserve the right to add/subtract or alter the criteria at any point.

This list will include ANY wrestling that one of us has watched that week which does include when Justin watched WCW Nitro on the Network. Included for this weeks list are:  The Main Event of Death Before Dishonor, Monday Night Raw, SmackDown Live, and NXT.

Weekly Wrasslin Wrankings

September 16 – September 22

1. Enzo Amore and Neville Face to Face

I debated whether or not this was my favorite thing from the week for a bit but thinking long and hard on it, it really was. It was intense, it was personal, and both men handled themselves magnificently on the mic. It made their match at No Mercy one of the ones I was looking forward to most and it made 205Live must see.

2. Velveteen Dream Interrupts Aleister Black 

This was masterfully done. Aleister Black had been promoted as speaking for the first time since coming to NXT, so the hype was already there. Black had the place hanging on every word the second he hit the ring. Had everyone nice and riled up when Velveteen Dream’s music hit. Seeing this guy come into a high profile situation was exciting on it’s own but during the segment you could watch Dream coming more and more the character. Knowing what he’d do and how he would.


3. Randy Orton vs Aiden English

Aiden has been really close to the list a few times but this week he pops in with his match with Randy Orton. These tow had a damn fine television match where it seemed at a few points that English might actually somehow sneak away with a win.

4. Dustin Rhodes

The insertion of Goldust between Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt was a breath of fresh air and made me care about a match that really has almost everyone else yawning. After the face paint being rubbed off last week, it would have been easy enough to just leave that there and nothing else comes of it but no. Dustin Rhodes appears and is not willing to just be a part of Bray’s mind games. It was a nice touch to see Dustin so fired up.

5. Charlotte vs Becky Lynch vs Naomi vs Tamina

The set up to the match was fun with Natalya really settling into her crazy cat lady and proclaiming a Women’s Celebration with her being the focal point. Each woman then comes out to state their case. The match is promptly made by D-Bry and is set to main event the evening. Even though I grow tired of the multi-woman number 1 contender match, the ladies really came out and over performed.

6. Lars Sullivan

Wowzers. I hate that this vicious beating had to happen to No Way Jose, who I like a lot, but what a freak this Lars Sullivan is. This behemoth of a man has a diving headbutt in his arsenal. He looks unstoppable.

7. Drew Gulak

For a better 205 Live. The power point presentations continue as Gulak comes to the announce table. He’s really got something here and is handling it well. I hope we get a lot more of this.

8. Tye Dillinger

There seems to be some…dislike going around for this but I loved it. Twice now, Baron Corbin has stuck his nose between Styles and Dillinger, and Tye simply wasn’t going to let Corbin waltz in and have a clear cut match. There’s now a little more depth to Tye, more investment, and a little bit of progression in terms of his place on the card. Loved the intensity.


9. Roman Reigns

Props where props is due. With Cena in China, Roman had to keep up what the two have been building over the last month, on his own. He had becoming much more comfortable out there but this week, he was in control. He’s taking those steps to be what WWE wants him to be.

10. Curt Hawkins

The man has a ting now. Once you have a thing, it’s easier to get tv time. It’s gonna be a big deal whenever he gets that win.

BUMMER: No Breezango? AGAIN?!

What are you tryin to do to me?

Last Weeks List

  1. The Kevin Owens Show
  2. Breezango Arrests Drew Gulak
  3. Kairi Sane vs Shayna Baszler
  4. Enzo Amore Appears on MizTV
  5. New Day vs The Usos
  6. Johnny Gargano
  7. Bray Wyatt
  8. AJ Styles vs Tye Dillinger
  9. Pete Dunne
  10. Roman Reigns vs Jason Jordan

BUMMER: Only 10 Spots

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