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Weekly Wrasslin Wrankings November 11 – November 17

Weekly Wrasslin Wrankings November 11 – November 17

We need these wrankings asap. Not AS late this time.

  1. MAXIMIZATION OF TELEVISION TIME – What did this person do with their minutes? Were they must see? Was it something exciting to witness?
  2. FOLLOW THROUGH – Did this person handle the mic and deliver as promised or fall flat on their face. Even if it’s poor booking, it’s still a strike against them.
  3. STRAIGHT UP ENJOYMENT – Some times this will be enough to get them on through.
  4. IN RING PERFORMANCE – Yeah sure you were great on the mic but did your match stink up the joint?

*We reserve the right to add/subtract or alter the criteria at any point.

This list will include ANY wrestling that one of us has watched that week which does include when Justin watched WCW Nitro on the Network. Included for this weeks list are: Monday Night Raw, SmackDown Live, 205 Live, and NXT.

Weekly Wrasslin Wrankings

November 11 – November 17

1. Daniel Bryan Advocates for AJ Styles

Bryan is a decent mic guy. For some reason, given the chance to emulate Paul Heyman and be the advocate for AJ really brought out some next level mic work from him. I hung on every word and thought it was a really clever way to give that final push to the Survivor Series match.



2. Natalya vs Charlotte for the SDLive Women’s Championship

This was as great of a televised match as you can ask for. Add to it that it was for a title and in Charlotte’s hometown and you have the makings of something that feels really big.



3. Platinum Paul Heyman

Selling me what I already have. Selling me what I already knew I wanted. Taking down someone in the crowd for interrupting his promo. This was a magical week for Paul.


4. The New Day All Over The Shield

Gah. The New Day have crossed into that do no wrong plane. The way they’re able to play on the mic but still be serious is a thing of beauty.



5. Ember Moon vs Mercedes Martinez

Yesssss. Utilizing the talent they brought in for the Mae Young Classic. These two had a great match with Ember answering the call.




6. Kalisto vs Drew Gulak

Drew Gulak and Enzo Amore continue to be magic together. On the mic before the match and with Zo at ringside barking at Drew and the crowd the whole time. It’s also got Drew starting to chatter and I love it. Drew looked great picking apart Kalisto for the better part of the match, the entirety of which was built towards someone going face first into the cake.


7. Drew and Cien Almas Brawl 

Great to see some fire between them before the match happened.  Zelina Vega continues to pay dividends for Cien.




8. Alexander & Swann vs The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels


Whew. After the close of SDLive last week, these four men had the daunting task of waking the crowd back up and keeping them fired up. The crowd may not have appreciated what they got but holy hell this was fun. It was a tornado tag so it had a free for all feel. Everyone had a chance to shine and hometown boy Cedric Alexander got the big W.

9. Team Raw Returns The Favor

I was not nearly as geeked up for this. It didn’t seem as well done, it wasn’t very shocking but it was a nice bow to the Survivor Series build up.



10. The Bludgeon Brothers

This is low on the list but I am really happy to see Harper and Rowan coming back to TV and as a team. We will see how it goes.




BUMMER: Jason Jordan’s Almost Cry Thing

Eep. Such a good spot for him. Not completely blown but he definitely didn’t nail it.

Last Weeks List

  1. Alpha vs Omega
  2. AJ Styles vs Jinder Mahal
  3. Kofi Kingston vs Sami Zayn
  4. Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe
  5. Roderick Strong vs Adam Cole
  6. Cody Challenges Ibushi
  7. Velveteen Dream
  8. Pete Dunne vs Enzo Amore
  9. Asuka
  10. The Fashion 4 Are Silly

BUMMER: Not Enough Time

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