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Weekly Wrasslin Wrankings – August 12 – August 18

Weekly Wrasslin Wrankings – August 12 – August 18

After a few weeks off to recuperate here’s a new list of wrankings. I’ve been busy, so I’ve only made time for WWE stuff, unfortunately.

  1. MAXIMIZATION OF TELEVISION TIME – What did this person do with their minutes? Were they must see? Was it something exciting to witness?
  2. FOLLOW THROUGH – Did this person handle the mic and deliver as promised or fall flat on their face. Even if it’s poor booking, it’s still a strike against them.
  3. STRAIGHT UP ENJOYMENT – Some times this will be enough to get them on through.
  4. IN RING PERFORMANCE – Yeah sure you were great on the mic but did your match stink up the joint?

*We reserve the right to add/subtract or alter the criteria at any point.

This list will include ANY wrestling that one of us has watched that week which does include when Justin watched WCW Nitro on the Network. Included for this weeks list are: Monday Night Raw, SmackDown Live,and NXT

Weekly Wrasslin Wrankings

August 12 – August 18

1. Breezango

The number one thing for this list is Maximization of TV time and Breezango are the epitome of that right now. The Fashion Files segments continue to be one of my favorite things weekly and something I look forward to every Tuesday.




2. The Usos and The New Day

Just props where props is due here. Both of these teams have been on high octane in this feud. This week’s match on SmackDown Live was great and the one on SummerSlam promises to kill. I love the strategy involved with The Usos asking which tandem of New Day they’ll be facing at SummerSlam. Kudos, gentlemen.




3. Ric Flair

Because he’s the man. Get well soon, Nature Boy.




4. Shane McMahon

I am loving Shane’s inclusion into the Kevin Owens and AJ Styles storyline. It makes it feel like there is something big waiting on the other side of the feud. This week I loved Shane’s, “If you put your hands on me again, I’ll put mine all over you.”




5. Southpaw Regional Wrestling

Oh my gosh, yes. I’m submitting all of SRW as one because all of the episodes came out as I was writing this. If for some reason you have missed this, watch all of them.







6. Rusev

Sucks that it had to be Chad Gable BUT Rusev looked unstoppable, just tossing Gable around. I feel like Rusev and Orton could have one hell of a match this Sunday.




7. Shinsuke Nakamura

Was this picture perfect? Not by a long shot. However, watching Nakamura confront Mahal and sing to him that he;s going to take his championship at SummerSlam definitely pumped me up for their match Sunday.




8. Big Cass

I almost feel like the Boston crowd should get this. The boos he received were amazing and made me buy in and pay attention to something I have zero investment in. He recovered decently but the fact that he actually LET them boo him down felt smart and right.




9. Lars Sullivan

Coming in slightly ahead of the tag team that beat him and his partner this week is Lars Sullivan. Firstly, he’s an impressive specimen. Second, he has the advantage of continuing a story. Lastly, it was just a fun way for him to keep his promise to Regal by dragging Silvio out of the arena to lay him out. Start at 2:05 or use this link




10. Street Profits

While the Street Profits still need some time to fully develop, they are further along than most tag teams two matches into their televised appearances. They have cohesion and an identity and an absolute star in the making with Montez Ford. The NXT tag division needs them badly too.




Last Weeks List

  1. Naomi
  2. Breezango (5)
  3. Okada vs Cody
  4. Omega vs Elgin
  5. The New Day vs The Usos Rap Battle
  6. Bobby Roode vs Roderick Strong
  7. ECIII
  8. Rusev
  9. Carmella (2)
  10. Braun Strowman

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