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Why I love Donald Trump

Why I love Donald Trump

You know lately I’ve been reading on the internet all this hate for Donald Trump.  People saying that just cuz he ain’t been no politician before that he can’t run for President or that he’s been saying all these crazy things.  Well, just because it’s on the internet doesn’t make it true.  It just ain’t, alright

Donald Trump is rich.  Like beyond rich.  He’s got more money than the next 10 rich people on the world’s richest people list.  Go look it up.  It’s on the internet.  Don’t worry, I’ll still be here when you get done.

Ya see?  He can’t be bought.  Companies are gonna come up to him when he’s the next President and he’s gonna tell “No way Jose! Go build that wall down with them Mexicans!” He’s gonna stop politicians from getting paychecks because he ain’t gonna take no paycheck as our President. Hallelujah!  Our Savior has arrived!

Look, I don’t know much.  I make 8 dollars an hour and support 4 kids and 2 sister wives. It ain’t easy but I do it.  So all these spoiled, lazy kids that want 15 dollars an hour for flipping Big Macs down at the MacDonalds are just gonna have to realize that you ain’t getting no free meal on his watch.  Free college? You better get your ass to work and strap up those boot straps! This is Uhmericuh. Nothing is free on my dime.

It’s about time someone came along and said all those things that I been thinking.  Women and Muslims and Mexicans can all kiss my ass.  The Chinese too.  All ching chang and the bing bang.  GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRIES! Praize Trump!

He don’t need no more money so he ain’t gonna use the President to make himself richer.  Have you ever met a bad rich person?  Well, I never actually met one but I know in my heart that they are good, honest, hard working people that play by the rules and became successful.  I never even heard of a rich man committing no crimes, they are too busy working!

So sorry to all you lazy people who just want free stuff that are mad at all the rich people in the world just cuz you ain’t rich, but our next President is gonna be Mr. Donald Trump.  And I can’t wait!!


Yours Truly,

The Donald’s Biggest Fan
Redneck Ron

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