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The 2017 Oscar nominations: The best and worst

The 2017 Oscar nominations: The best and worst

In case you weren’t sure “La La Land” is the darling of Oscar voters, the record 14 nominations (tied with “All About Eve” and “Titanic”) should have clued you in.

The Ryan Gosling/Emma Stone musical has had rapturous buzz from the beginning and Tuesday’s nomination announcement cemented it as an Oscar frontrunner.

As a rare feel-good Oscar contender, it’s certainly an audience favorite as well, having grossed over $90 million so far.

However, the Academy didn’t bat 1.000 in terms of nominations. One big snub was Amy Adams, who blew away audiences in “Arrival,” but was denied a nomination (the ABC Oscar website accidentally naming her didn’t help).

Many people thought Tom Hanks was a lock for a nomination as well, but his performance in “Sully” was also snubbed (and also named in error online).

“Deadpool’s” Oscar bid came up short, picking up no nomination for Adapted Screenplay, despite a nomination from WGA. It seems Academy voters will need more convincing to vote for a foul-mouthed masked assassin with the sequel.

In more positive news, the It Guy of 2016, Lin-Manuel Miranda has a shot at a genuine EGOT for the “Moana” song, “How Far I’ll Go.” However, the “La La Land” juggernaut is likely to dash those hopes.

In the documentary feature category, ESPN’s addictive multi-part “O.J.: Made in America” was nominated, and a win would be a first for the sports network. (The much-discussed political documentary – which was like watching a car wreck in slow motion – “Weiner” was snubbed, however.)

Pixar had a rare shut-out in the Animated Feature category, which looks to be won by Disney’s “Zootopia” or “Moana.” However, “Kubo and the Two Strings,” a genuine original, would get it in a perfect world.

The Actress category is the most competitive this year, though Natalie Portman’s chances of winning for “Jackie” seemed to go up in smoke when she lost at the Golden Globes. It’s Emma Stone’s to lose at this point.

Meryl Streep was tremendous in “Florence Foster Jenkins,” but the annual Streep nomination is becoming tiresome, especially when people like Adams get snubbed. We get it, you’re great in everything, we’re all very impressed. It’s enough for one lifetime.

Jimmy Kimmel is a brilliant choice for host, though, which should make for an entertaining show… and it looks like Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone will all be singing during the show, so it could be a very memorable one, even if “La La Land” winning everything might get predictable.

See you on Oscar night, February 26!

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