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A SurvivorSeries Full of #WrestlePals and Delight

A SurvivorSeries Full of #WrestlePals and Delight

It’s SurvivorSeries time!

and that of course has us pretty fired up right about now.  The build has been pretty solid, damn good on the SmackDown Live, solid on Raw then last minute stuff. All in all this is a great card and should deliver one hell of a PPV.

Million dollar question. Does he screw Kurt at Survivor Series or does that start the next night?

Enzo Amore vs Kalisto for the Cruiserweight Championship

I can’t wait for Enzo to move past Kalisto. It just doesn’t work. Loving what Zo is doing but want to see it with just about anyone else.

Charlotte Flair vs Alexa Bliss

If I look at this on paper and don’t think too hard about anything but the surface of what we have been seeing on television, Charlotte Flair wins and brings out the absolute best from Little Miss Bliss. Those same things we are seeing on television have me questioning that. Does Alexa steal a win via some very shady dealings? Charlotte is getting a great reaction and her title win was really emotional.

The Miz vs Baron Corbin

I must be writing this too early because I don’t see anyone talking about this match. This statement rings true. Neither has backed down from the terrible things they have said. Both look great right now and I’m looking forward to seeing what Miz can bring out of Corbin. This has a lot of potential.

The Usos vs The Bar

I’m inclined to agree on this one. The Usos have some unreal magic goin on for the last year or so. Given the parts involved, this match could steal the show, if Brock doesn’t feel like working. Either way look for a high level tag match here.

Team Raw vs Team SmackDown Live Women’s Traditional 5 on 5

Seems like some seeds are getting planted for some Sasha vs Bayley action in the not so distant future…so MAAAYBE this happens. I’m not big on Asuka’s inclusion in this match. The only way it makes sense is if she destroys and is a sole survivor, but I really don’t see it happening. Possible she gets tagged in and won’t tag out, I suppose. I could see Becky Lynch coming out of this as well.

The SHIELD vs The New Day

Destroy? No chance in hell. This is a great chance to continue The New Day’s evolution past the tag team championships. I do agree that they’ll probably lose, even though there’s probably more story to tell from a New Day win.

Team Raw vs Team SmackDown Live Men’s Traditional 5 on 5 Match

This probably depends on card placement. Right now Styles and Lesnar FEELS bigger and like it would go on last. Looking at the teams though, it’s hard to argue against team Blue grabbing the win somehow though. There’s a lot of friction on team Red. I need to see Shinsuke Nakamura shine in this. It’s a perfect chance to show an exciting enough amount of him to rally people around him as we start marching towards the Rumble.

Brock Lesnar vs AJ Styles

I can’t lie, there is a part of me that is really bummed to not get to see the delusional Jinder Mahal get his ass handed to him by the Beast Incarnate. On the other hand, AJ Styles makes everything he touches turn to freaking gold. This will be one hell of a match. I assume Brock wins but I’m dying to see AJ take him well past his 10 minutes and really make him work for it.

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