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No Mercy, No Regrets, Some #WrestlePals

No Mercy, No Regrets, Some #WrestlePals

No Mercy has come back around and this year it is a Raw branded PPV, and this might be the one where up and down the card I’m most excited for since the brand split. SmackDown Live has had several, and most of the dual branded ones have had me pumped up, but few of Raw’s have. Two LEGIT WrestleMania marquee matches on the card, an up and comer on a hot streak looking to grab his first singles title, a finally heating up Man to Man affair, and so much more. How is everyone feeling about this?

I’m not sure I can even argue. While SummerSlam and WrestleMania were fine…they were just that….not bad. This has a “new season kickoff” feel to it.

Man. I guess he’s getting TV time but if you would have told me a year ago that Apollo Crews would still be on the pre-show, I’d have thought you were nuts. I hope he gets to shine a bit in this match as it seems Elias is the hot hand and will probably snag a win.

This one bugs me. I love all of the parts involved and I know they will have a great match, but I just don’t care who wins. I’m not really invested in either team. The title win at SummerSlam seems to have somehow derailed Ambrose and Rollins momentum.

Well….Emma is and I’m not sure that anyone else really does. I’m very flat on this right now. I was barely on board when it was going to be a four way, but now we have five. I’ m not saying it can’t or won’t be great, but I AM saying that the expectations are low, which bums me out.

Jason Jordan has had an excellent run on television over the course of the last three weeks, hanging in there with two top dogs in Reigns and Cena, and then winning the 6-pack challenge to get this match. His trajectory is straight to the top but I can’t help but wonder if a title weighs him down. Is there more story to tell if he loses? Is there even MORE nepotism story to tell if he wins? It’s a fine line but one things for sure, Miz and Jordan have a pretty high bar and I think they can deliver.

Simplification has worked wonders for what was once a dud of a feud. The injection of Goldust, of all people, has really elevated what is going on here, which is massively important. I still believe that on paper this has the capability of stealing the show. Bray and his fireflies and even without the Demon, Balor has a flashy and theatrical entrance. Can it all translate in the ring though? They were unable to at SummerSlam. I don’t have much faith in WWE giving Wyatt big wins, so Finn pulls this

I can’t tell if this person thinks this is a good thing or a bad thing but I for one think it’s great. This, believe it or not, is one of the top matches on the card for me. I was sold from the interactions between Enzo and Neville but I got way fired up after the two went face to face at 205 Live this week. Can this match steal the show? Probably not, but Enzo can take an ass whoopin, we know that much.

Holy hell. This might be the match I’m looking forward to most. Pretty simple build, exchanging heated words back and forth for a few weeks. Cena absolutely bested Roman in each face to face encounter but Reigns crushed the stinger. On paper, it would seem that Roman would HAVE to get this win but I’m not so sure. I feel like a loss gives him something to play with, especially with Cena probably taking tome off again soon. Egging him into maybe a WrestleMania return match? A guy can hope.

He’s going to have to come hard for the third straight title defense. Braun is on absolute fire right now and looks completely unstoppable. Somehow even moreso than Samoa Joe did back in July. This match is going to be soooooo hot. A true blue main event, Universal Championship attraction.

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