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Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire

Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire

Great Balls of Fire is an awful name for a pay per view. If Kurt Angle is to be believed, Vince McMahon just thinks it’s really funny. What’s not funny is how not excited I am for this show. I know it will end up being a good one, most of the matches will be good to great,  but Raw…well…I just haven’t watched it. I’m trying to be fair but I also have to be honest, if I’m not enjoying it, I turn it off. Let’s dive in.

This has made for a solid TV moment but I have no desire to see the match.

I can not explain why…but I mostly agree with this guy. Rollins vs Wyatt should be one for the ages but….eh. It’s happening. I feel like the match will be solid…so at least there’s that.

I want very badly to care about this. I like both guys a lot but this just doesn’t feel like a big deal at all. With Miz having the Miztourage, I guess he is likely to retain but is this over yet? Trading the title back and forth can be exciting if done right (see Miz vs Ziggler from last year) but there has to be a lot that goes into it.

Another match I want very badly to care about. It will deliver, I have no doubt but I just…don’t care. It seems likely that this continues so Neville retains BUT I could see a loss as Neville’s way off of 205Live and into a feud with Titus and or Apollo Crews.

Maybe…but what does that do? That’s how I feel about this whole feud. Other than flipping Sheamus and Cesaro, have we accomplished anything with this at all? That being said…this will be another really good match. Love the IronMan being the stip. My gut says The Bar retains.

One thing I can applaud Raw on is the work they’ve put in in a very short amount of time to make the Women’s Division feel like a bigger deal. Because of that they haven’t had much chance to develop anything between Bliss and Banks. HOWEVER: Sasha has become one of those women who doesn’t need much to get thrust back in the picture and that’s why this works. This will be an excellent match and has an outside shot of being match of the night.

Hmm. I’m not sure. They’ve had some really great matches in the past but…Ambulance Match? We’ll see. I tend to think Roman will win but remain fast to the idea that a loss can be the greatest thing for him. Of course, that is, unless we don’t want cheers.

THIS! This has been great. Joe actually looks like a credible threat to The Beast and his championship. It is the first time since it’s inception where the Universal Title and the feud around it have felt like the Main Event. I am so looking forward to seeing this match and so ready to be disappointed in the outcome.

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