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Deprogrammed – Smashing Pumpkins

Deprogrammed – Smashing Pumpkins

Daniel and Corijona Forlines join Justin to put together a Top 10 list of Smashing Pumpkins songs.

Together Justin Wilson, Daniel and Corijona Forlines attempt to assemble a Top 10 list of their favorite SP songs. Listen here and find out how they came up with the 10 songs listed below. Songs that were available were added to a Spotify playlist that you’ll find at the bottom. Links also provided to be able to listen, if Spotify ain’t your bag. Learn em and love em people.

Deprogrammed airs Tuesday nights at 10 PM only on OUR station, Radio Free Radio.

Top Ten Smashing Pumpkins 

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Justin is a stupid head. He has been blocked on Twitter by Tom Green and Hulk Hogan, seems they have the right idea. Justin is 100% the problem and reason why nothing ever works!

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