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Deprogrammed – Nirvana

Deprogrammed – Nirvana

Nirvana is front and center.

Taylor Lavoie, Matt Wade, and Justin sit down and try to put together a list of their favorite tunes from Kurt and the gang.  Listen here to hear how they came up with these 10 songs. Spotify playlist is down at the bottom of the page. Links provided if you want to not use Spotify there, guy. Learn em and Love em People.

Deprogrammed airs Tuesday nights at 10 PM only on OUR station, Radio Free Radio

Top 10 Nirvana

About The Author

Justin is a stupid head. He has been blocked on Twitter by Tom Green and Hulk Hogan, seems they have the right idea. Justin is 100% the problem and reason why nothing ever works!

  • Jonathan Chitwood

    Excellent list my dudes. Every one of these songs would have been on my list as well.

    • Justin

      It wasn’t as gut wrenching cutting songs. I feel they all deserved being there.

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