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Deprogrammed – Limp Bizkit

Deprogrammed – Limp Bizkit

Limp Bizkit rock Deprogrammed, y’all

Now I know why you wanna hate me…because it’s our way, our way on Deprogrammed as we talk about the Bizkit. Fred’s whining and all. Bring it on. Listen here to hear how they came up with these ten songs. The Spotify list is at the bottom of the page and there are links for provided for those who just can’t bring themselves to Spotify. Learn Em and Love Em People.

Deprogrammed airs Tuesday nights at 10 PM only on OUR station, Radio Free Radio.

Top 10 Limp Bizkit

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Justin is a stupid head. He has been blocked on Twitter by Tom Green and Hulk Hogan, seems they have the right idea. Justin is 100% the problem and reason why nothing ever works!

  • Bubdrum

    Boiler was always a tight song. Surprised “Everything” or “The Truth” or “Autotunage” didnt make the list.

    • Justin

      I was fighting for Unquestionable Truth and brought it up in conversation as I was surprised at how much I liked that EP/album

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