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A Clash of Champions But Not of #WrestlePals

A Clash of Champions But Not of #WrestlePals

It’s time for Clash of Champions, jack and of course we are geeked up for it. SmackDown Live continues to develop their stories heading into the PPVs well. What are we waiting for? Let’s dive on in. Suckaaaaaaa.

You must not watch WWE. I’m not trying to be funny. You can say that they built it horrible, if that’s your opinion, then fine, but if you didn’t know then you clearly aren’t watching.

Why do you hate to say it? They need to set up a new heel threat. It is likely that Ryder gets throttled. I’m not sure I agree that he will get released as it pretty much bears no weight on what happens.

I assume this is true. Bludgeon Brothers have made short work of all of their opponents so far. Looking forward to seeing what kind of reaction Breezango gets.

Hmm. I can’t figure this one out. I feel like Baron retains, but I am unsure. Did they throw Ziggler in there to take the pin for Corbin or Roode? Are they really messing with us and putting the title on Ziggler? Seems unlikely. This match has tremendous potential, curious to see what they do.

Not seeing a ton of love for this match. Natalya and Charlotte have great chemistry and will absolutely deliver a high quality match up. There has been a lot of love for Riott Squad’s involvement as lumberjacks. That tells me that their time on television since arrival has been super effective. My gut says that Charlotte retains and the lumberjacks are the story so I don’t think we get a cash in from Carmella.

Incorporating all four teams was a good way to scramble this up for me. As a three way, I was sure the Usos were going to retain. I’m still pretty sure they will but I am in no way certain of it. Each of the three teams seems to have a claim to it.

Longer term? Possibly. Maybe even as early as Tuesday. Tonight the story will almost 100% be about Daniel Bryan.  The question is does he turn heel? Does Shane? Does D-Bry just further align himself with the Yep Movement?

It seems to me that the smart money would be for AJ to retain and build hopefully to a major WrestleMania storyline. Obviously there is nothing that says that that will and or has to be the case. I don’t know if there’s enough time to heat Jinder back up heading into the Rumble. People were barely there before. Also not sure why this guy tweeted everyone and their mother with this.


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